The Felder working environments

High quality jobs in a variety of professions with development opportunities in an international field of activity and only 10 km from Innsbruck with public transportation station directly on the factory premises - Welcome to the world of Felder Group.

More than 800 employees at our headquarters and many hundreds worldwide work daily to find smart solutions for woodworkers around the world.

What connects everyone? The passion for innovation and the desire to improve. As an international engineering and technology company, we offer a professional working environment, the opportunity to contribute with your own ideas and real perspectives for a collective, successful future. Regardless of whether you are at the beginning of your professional career, looking for an apprenticeship or having several years of professional experience, join us in shaping the future of woodworking.



Depending on the location, the benefits offered may vary

Individual time models

People develop differently and have different needs and concerns during their professional lives. With individual working hours models for different phases of their life, our employees can also develop positively according to their life stages. 

Grants for public transport tickets

Our employees receive a subsidy for the VVT ​​regional ticket if they travel to work by public transport. If this is not possible due to the place of residence or the start of the workday, we support our employees in the form of a travel allowance.

Working makes you hungry

Our Bistro offers a variety of different menus to choose from for our employees - of course to special conditions. Our regular fruit days are especially popular.

We celebrate together

Numerous events and celebrations make our employees a strong team. From summer barbecues over construction site celebrations to sports team challenges such as the Tyrolean Company Run, the Felder Economic Chamber World Cup in the ice channel bob-sleigh track in Igels or joint excursions - we celebrate together.

Appreciation for anniversaries

Once a year, our anniversary celebration takes place, where we toast together and honour the most loyal employees. 

Local cooperations

We cultivate intensive cooperations with local partners and negotiate attractive conditions for our employees: Discounts at various companies in the region for cars, workshop and garden, travel and leisure, insurance, also sports, fashion and accessories.

That's what the Felder work environments are all about


employees undergo our internal training programs every year 


nationalities bring a valuable variety to our headquarters 


percent of our production executives have started with a "Felder apprenticeship"


Public transport stops 287 times a day in front of our factory


percent of our electricity is generated from renewable energies


lunch menus are served every day in the Bistro


Our teams completed 588 kilometres in the last five events of the Tyrolean company run


Over the last few years, we have supported 30 social projects all over the world financially or with machine donations  


We save 320,000 kg of CO² per year with optimised energy concepts (corresponds to 25 households)

Stay up to date with the FELDER Academy

Education and training has always been an important topic for us and our employees. The Felder Academy prepares our employees for the challenges of the future.
Knowledge is more than just information relating to numbers, data and facts -
Knowledge is the display of the final product of a learning process.

Felder apprenticeship for the leaders of tomorrows

Lehre bei Felder für die Führungskräfte von Morgen.png
In over 40 years of training, we have become one of the most awarded training workplaces in the region of Tyrol. Through our healthy growth, we can offer prospective professionals a secure job for the future. For decades, we have been building on the fact that we train and develop the majority of executives ourselves.

Our responsibility


The health of our employees is important to us. Therefore, we are involved in the area of health promotion and design all workplaces according to the best possible ergonomic aspects, we provide our employees with health-related services such as vaccinations, examinations, protective equipment and much more, as well as healthy food in our own Bistro.

Public transportation

We are fully aware of our responsibility towards our employees and our environment. For example, we promote public transport by reimbursing part of the VVT ​​annual ticket to our employees, if they travel to work by public transportation (the Austrian Railway city train stop is right next to the factory premises). We reduce the individual traffic in the region and thus make a small contribution to the preservation of our environment! And should it not be possible for the employee to use public transport, we will support him / her in the form of a travel allowance.


The diversity of people in their origin, their views, their appearance, their age, or in their lifestyle makes working together so valuable. At the location in Hall in Tyrol alone, we employ 29 nationalities under one roof and much more in international business. Especially in the international context, multiple diversity is a must for every company and a matter of course for us.

Social involvement

As a family company we are aware of our social responsibility and regularly help people in particularly difficult situations with contributions and support of worldwide relief organisations. After Brazil, Eastern Europe, Uganda, Indonesia, various regional and national commitments, current aid projects went to Tanzania in Africa, Chennai in India and Zgharta in Lebanon.

More information about all engagements

Junior staff development

Perfection in woodworking requires qualifications! In order to create these conditions for the future of craftsmanship, the Felder Group has been supporting young woodworkers all over the world for many years. The Felder Group invests in the future - whether with Skill Presenter at the World, European or National Professional Championships (most recently the WorldSkills in Abu Dhabi 2017, the EuroSkills in Budapest 2018 and the AustrianSkills in Salzburg 2018), as sponsor of various national and international young carpenter competitions or as sponsor of educational institutions.


Sustainable Production, Product & Customer

Sustainability, environmental awareness and resource efficiency are not just words at Felder Group in Hall, but part of everyday life throughout the entire machine life cycle, from production in the factory to use by the customer.

The fact that sustainability in its many different meanings has played an important role for us for decades, is evident not only in the machines we produce with innovative technologies and operating concepts. Throughout the entire company, we rely on efficient and environmentally conscious processes.

Renewable Energy

We use 100% electricity from renewable energy sources to power our production machines, which produce neither CO2 emissions nor radioactive waste. Entire halls of the production plant can be operated without heating thanks to a complex heat recovery system.

Modern Technologies

State-of-the-art facilities and optimised energy concepts save 320,000 kg of carbon dioxide every year, which corresponds to the CO2 emissions of 25 households. Measures to increase machine productivity, fast set-up times and numerous other resource-optimising processes reduce energy requirements and minimise the environmental impact.

Sustainable Products

Sustainability does not only stand for environmental awareness in production, but also for durability and the energy-efficient and productive operation of our woodworking machines, which all contribute to the conservation of important resources. User-friendly and intuitive handling as well as the avoidance of unnecessary loads reduce the processing time and thus increase the efficiency of energy use.


We have been training apprentices for more than 60 years. 80% of our apprentices stay with the company and over 40% of our managers are graduates of an apprenticeship at Felder.


State-of-the-art facilities and optimised energy concepts at the plant save 320,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide every year, which is equivalent to the CO2 emissions of 25 households.


The production site in Hall in Tyrol has a floor space of 81,000 m². This is equivalent to over 11 football fields (15 american football fields).


People of 18 nationalities work at our headquarters in Hall, bringing a valuable cultural diversity to the Felder Group.


The videos on our YouTube channel have already clocked more than 182 years of playback time. That is exactly the period from the birth of photography in 1839 until today.


More than 200,000 followers around the world are inspired by the exciting and informative content of our social media channels Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube.