The Learning Company

As a company, we have decided to consider "learning" as one of our highest maxims. We learn from our employees, from our customers and partners, as well as from our worldwide involvement in the promotion of young talent. At the same time, we support our employees through targeted training and further education at the Felder Academy as well as the Felder e-learning training portal.

Because of the diversity of our employees we learn to understand the different markets and how to serve them properly

» Thanks to the professional excellence of our employees, we improve collectively

» From our customers we learn how we can make our products even better

» The cooperation with higher education institutions helps us to react quickly to the requirements of the next generation

» Due to the diversity of our social projects, we get to know the basic needs of woodworkers

We want to attract, encourage and promote young talents

» We help our employees to develop their specific professional and personal skills and open the doors to the career that suits them best

» We want to attract, encourage and promote young talents

» We give our executives the right tool to run their teams

» Our employees receive easy, fast and efficient access to our knowledge pool

Stay up to date with the FELDER Academy

Education and training of employees is the fundament for a growing company. We have decided to develop individual training plans, for example for sales, support or product management. 
Well-trained employees are the foundation for service orientation, sales success and for steady development as well as sustainable progress of the company. 

The Felder Academy prepares our employees for the challenges of the future.
Knowledge is more than just information relating to numbers, data and facts - Knowledge is the end product of a learning process.

Welcome to the new era of learning with Felder eLearning

Knowledge has long since emerged as being a decisive competitive advantage in our information society. In addition, the need for further education in our society is constantly increasing.
eLearning supports teaching and learning processes and allows flexibility regardless of time and place.
Learners learn according to their own personal rhythm and the media mix of interactive content, reflection questions and much more guarantees highest learning success. With our tools and methods we can quickly transfer all innovations to a large target group.

Mathias, Professional Trainer

"We focus on the effective and quickly visible implementation of goals and their potentials. The Felder Akademy offers every employee inter-divisional the customised seminar for personal education and further development. We recognise knowledge management as part of quality management and have made it our business to accompany the permanent change process presistently through training."

Martin, Professional Trainer

„Training and further education is a central factor at Felder Group and an integral part of professional life. Our international orientation requires individual training programs and systems. eLearning provides a time- and location-independent learning environment for our worldwide business needs. An environment for knowledge transfer and an important means of communication to promote international networks."

Hightech-Lehre bei der Felder Group.png

High-tech apprenticeship at Felder Group: Education that inspires

A concept tailored to the interests and needs of young people forms the basis of the Felder apprenticeship.
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